Written by me

What Anyone Who’s Intimidated by Running Should Keep in Mind (, July 2015)

What Two Weeks of Being Lazy Does to Your Body (, July 2015)

Instant Expert: Creatine (Men’s Health, June 2013)

Where Sit Happens (Men’s Health, July/August 2011)

How Does My Body Build Muscle? (Men’s Health, April 2011)

Edited by me

Win the Sprain Game (Men’s Health, September 2010)


Soup Up Your Engine (Men’s Health, May 2013)

Meals for Wheels (Men’s Health, November 2012)

The Swimmer’s Tuneup (Men’s Health, July/August 2012)

Winner is Served (Men’s Health, May 2012)

Drum Up Stamina (Men’s Health, December 2011)

Body by Batman (Men’s Health, July/August 2011)

Know Your Sweat Spots (Men’s Health, May 2011)

Grunt Works (Men’s Health, April 2011)

Full-Court Fitness (Men’s Health, March 2011)

How Strong is Your Stride? (Men’s Health, January/February 2011)

Target: Abs (Men’s Health, January/February 2011)

Caffeine: Your Fitness Fuel (Men’s Health, December 2010)

Power to the Pedal (Men’s Health, October 2010)

The Exercise Every Athlete Must Do (Men’s Health, October 2010)

Abs Seen on TV (Men’s Health, September 2010)

Brain Drain (Men’s Health, April 2010)

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