Written by me

The Truth About Chronic Lyme Disease (, August 2015)

Fraternity Hazing and PTSD: Insiders Share Gory Details of Pledging Penn State’s Kappa Delta Rho (, June 2015)

The Invisible Wound of War (Men’s Health, April 2015)

Why Parents of Children with Epilepsy Are Increasingly Turning to Marijuana (, December 2014)

Crest Announce Plans to Eliminate Microbeads From Its Toothpastes (, September 2014)

The Hot List: Health Part of a larger piece, covering sex, fitness, health, etc. (Men’s Health, March 2011)

Your Healthiest Year Ever! (Men’s Health, January/February 2011)

War is Hell (on Fertility) Sidebar to “The Signature Wound,” an ASME-nominated feature (Men’s Health, May 2013)

Video I directed to accompany this piece:  The Derick Carver Story

Written and/or edited by me 

Survive Anything! (Men’s Health, June 2013)

Additional reporting done by me 

Hostage: What Happens to a Man’s Mind After 947 Days of Torture? (Men’s Health, December 2011)

I found the subject for this story, arranged for him to meet with Hampton Sides (author of Ghost Soldiers), and interviewed the psychologists/experts in the piece.


Written by me

Patient in Training (Women’s Health, November 2017)

5 Senior Health Myths, Busted! (SilverSneakers, June 2017)

7 Health Checks You Can Do Before Breakfast (Silver Sneakers, May 2017)

6 Airborne Toxic Events (Men’s Health, July/August 2016)

When Good Deeds Go Bad: Have You Taken Altruism Too Far? (, October 2015)

Can All-Natural Sunscreens Really Prevent Sunburn? (, August 2015)

5 of Your Burning Summer Health Questions, Answered (, June 2015)

How One Nurse is Trying to Change the Way Lesbian and Bisexual Women Receive Health Care (, December 2014)

Preventing Soldier Suicides: A New Development Emerges (, November 2014)

How My Miscarriage Changed My Next Pregnancy (, November 2014)

Did the Flu Shot Leave a 10-Year-Old Girl Paralyzed? (, November 2014)

What It’s Like to Be Pregnant…and Male (, November 2014)

The Scary Truth About Strokes in Young People (, September 2013)

Does Gum Disease Cause Arthritis?  (, September 2013)

How Germy is Your Make-up? (, August 2013)

Instant Expert: Itching (Men’s Health, July/August 2013)

Doubting Dr. Google (Men’s Health, March 2013)

Instant Expert: Dreams (Men’s Health, March 2013)

You Call This Clean? (Men’s Health, May 2012)

Should You Be Taking a Generic? (Men’s Health, January/February 2012)

The Power of Melatonin (Men’s Health, October 2011)

The 18 Best Supplements for Men (Men’s Health, September 2011)

Fall with Grace (Men’s Health, January/February 2011)

Outsmart the Season (Men’s Health, December 2010)

Edited by me

8 Secrets Your Hospital Keeps (Men’s Health, September 2013)

Recharge Here (Men’s Health, October 2012)

You’re Doing It Wrong (Men’s Health, September 2012)

The Best OTC Meds for Men (Men’s Health, June 2012)

Your Heart, Stopped Cold (Men’s Health, January/February 2012)

The Health Detectives (Men’s Health, November 2011)

Live (Almost) Forever (Men’s Health, September 2011)


Pain-Free Percolation (Men’s Health, September 2010)

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